Our Products

A combination of the above efforts-research, working with seed dealers, schemes with farmers, and closely monitoring quality control at ASA’s processing facilities culminates in the top quality Niger product we provide for wild bird food.

ASA Agrotech company offers Niger seeds for buyers in the USA, Canada, Mexico and across Europe. Usually, our primary buyers are large packing companies in the US and Canada, who in turn sell smaller packs to leading chains dealing with the product. Nowadays, we are able to customize and pack the seeds into sizes as per our buyers needs.

The company is keenly aware that it needs to keep reinventing itself, focusing on innovation and vigilance to continuously provide a product that meets the standards of not only it’s valued clients but also its own name in the business.

Apart from being a key supplier of Niger seeds, we have recently been approved for the export of Safflower seeds to buyers in the USA, UK and parts of Europe. We also deal with other bird seeds such as Sunflower, Millet, Groundnut, Maize, Sesame.