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Bird Feed Ingredients

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Who we are

ASA Agrotech Pvt Ltd have carved a niche as a suppliers of Nyjer / Thistle Seed and other seeds for bird feed to USA, Canada and other European countries. Our commitment to supply the clean and quality bird food spans for almost two decades.

We are one of the few United States Department of Agriculture approved facilities worldwide for production of heat treated Nyjer (Thistle) seeds. In our state-of-the-art USDA approved facility; we have a robust quality control system that works without any human intervention, and with automated controlled equipments which directly shares real time data with USDA.

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Manufacturers & Suppliers of Bird Food Ingredients and blends.

Almost 2 Decades of experience in manufacturing and processing from all over the world.

We can ship in several ways from customised packaging solutions ranging from bulk to retail.

Logistics support for FOB,CIF,CFR and DDP shipments

Making our Avian Friends Happy !

Our Products are exported in US, Canada, UK, Turkey, and European countries. Interested in knowing more? We're just a call away!